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Public Employees Safety Association of MD

PESA board members are dedicated volunteers who share their knowledge, experience, and resources to organize and promote educational trainings for those who are interested in learning about minimizing hazards and reducing injury exposures in the workplace. PESA's goal is to promote health and public safety trainings in the State of Maryland. As a non-profit organization, registration costs are kept to a minimum in order to serve PESA supporters and their employees.


Mary Doyle, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

William Fithian, State Highway Administration

Pat Haag, City of Laurel

Charles Johnson, City of Aberdeen

Bob Lawson, Former Commissioner of Labor and Industry and Consultant

Jim Lewis, Maryland Department of Environment

Carolanne Linder, City of College Park

Mario Melfa, Chesapeake Employers Insurance

Michael Malooly, Chesapeake Employers Insurance 

Chuck Wanken, State Highway Administration

PESA would like to thank the employers for their support and resources in allowing board members the opportunity to network and contribute toward reducing work related injuries in our state.

PESA would also like to recognize those that assist us from behind the scenes as PESA could not promote and deliver quality, valuable conferences without their support.

Dr. Naomi Abrams, Worksite Health and Safety

Keith Choi, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

Carolyn Gutermuth, Chesapeake Employers Insurance

Ed Hobbs, Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute

Maryland Occupational Safety and Health